Brake Fluid Motorex DOT 4 250ml

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High performance brake fluid with a wet boiling point greater than 165 ° C. Prevents the formation of steam bubbles even under extreme brake loads. Provides optimum braking performance and fine response.

Waste oil disposal
In accordance with the Waste Oil Ordinance, we are obliged to take back the following used oils free of charge: - Combustion engine oils - Transmission oils - Oil filters and regularly occurring oil-containing waste during oil change. You can return the used oil in the quantity, which corresponds to the quantity purchased from us.

The place of sale is the following place of sale:
TD-Customs Inh: Timo Drack
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95336 Mainleus
Phone: +49 160/94700834

If you carry out the oil change yourself, use the local facilities to dispose of your used oil (possibly for a fee) at recycling points (for example recycling yard). You can find out whether your local waste material collects waste oil. On the spot or at your local authority.

We accept and accept disposal and disposal according to paragraph 8 of the Waste Oil Ordinance (§8 AltölV).

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