Polishing wadding NEVR-DULL 142G

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NEVR-DULL metal high gloss polishing cotton

The original American metal high-gloss polishing pad is universally applicable and cleans and polishes any unpainted metal, whether light metal (eg aluminum), steel, chrome, silver, gold, brass, copper, tin, nickel Or zinc, perfect. This exceptional product, removes oxidations such as rust, stains like tar, oil grease, etc., does not contain abrasives and does not attack metals. It is therefore the ideal metal care for cars, motorcycles, tools, boats and household.


Application: Simply remove a piece of cotton from the can and rub it with light pressure over the metal surface. It acts immediately and removes rust, stains and stains. Allow to dry for a short time until a light, white film has formed. Then polish the film with a soft, clean and dry cloth and the metal shines as new. Close the can well after use so that the polishing pad does not dry out and loses its effect.


Unique specially treated, impregnated cotton cotton fabric

No spillage, no mixing, no liquid, no powder

Applicable for all unpainted metals

Leaves no residue, even in grooves and joints

Does not scratch

Fast, efficient and easy to use


Container: can

Contains: 142 g

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