Fully synthetic BGM 2T oil 1 liter

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1 liter fully synthetic 2 stroke oil of the brand BGM.

waste oil disposal
In accordance with the Waste Oil Ordinance, we are obliged to take back the following used oils free of charge: - combustion engine oils - gear oils - oil filters and oily wastes that regularly occur during oil changes. You can return the used oil in the quantity corresponding to the quantity we bought from us.

Place of return is our following place of sale:
TD-Customs Inh: Timo Drack
95336 Mainleus
Telephone: +49 160/94700834

If you carry out the oil change yourself, use the local options to hand in your waste oil (possibly for a fee) at recycling centers (recycling yard, for example). If your local recycling center accepts waste oil, you can read i.d.R. on site or at your local community.

Acceptance and disposal are carried out in accordance with paragraph 8 of the Waste Oil Ordinance (§ 8 AltölV).

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