Transmission oil -RUNGE- Lambretta, Scootermatic SAE80, GL3 - 500ml

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The regular transmission oil change is one of the basic requirements to achieve high mileage and unqualified.

Used oil disposal
According to the Waste Oils Regulation, we are obliged to take back free of charge the following used oils: - Vebrennungsmotorenöle - gear oils - oil filter and changing the oil is regularly obtained oily waste. You can return the used oil in the crowd with us, which corresponds to the amount purchased from us.

Drop off is our follow-called point of sale:

TD Customs Inh: Timo Drack
95336 Mainleus
Phone: +49 160/94700834

Perform the oil change itself from, use of the local resources at a recycling collection points (for example, recycling) returning your used oil (possibly for a fee). Whether your local Werstoffannahmestelle accepts used oil, learn i.d.R. locally or from your local municipality.

Acceptance and disposal we take under paragraph 8 of Altölverordnung ago (§8 AltölV).

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