Voltage regulator -4-Pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC- universal

Voltage regulator -4-Pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC- universal

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Compact voltage regulator for all alternators with 12 volts. The controller supplies alternating current and, optionally, DC current. Thus it is not only the perfect and reliable replacement for all conventional voltage regulators, it also allows for a contemporary extension of the existing onboard network.
AC - AC AC: input and output for the unregulated AC of the stator plate and the regulated current for the wiring harness. SENSE: The AC input and output must be bridged. About the Sense line (bridge), the output voltage is compared with a reference. Thus, the voltage remains constant even with a fluctuating load. DC DC: Output direct current to charge the battery. In accordance with high-performance ignition system, but consumers can also be connected directly. For example: Satnav systems, water pumps, tachometer, speedometer and every conceivable other toys. Earth - mass: ground connection to the frame, can be done by the old controller easily. Otherwise output ground to the frame and the best place yet to the housing of the controller.
The connection to the existing cable harness is very easy. For complete AC systems simply the regulated AC power to the lines for the electrical consumers must be placed. For systems that are operated with AC and DC, only needs to be distinguished according to AC and DC and wired accordingly.

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